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NLP Trainer Training - NLP Master Trainer Bruce Farrow

4th-28th September

Welcome to the International NLP Trainer Training which is accredited by the ABNLP. This event will be our 10th time we have run this course and it has evolved into being the finest and most comprehensive Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Training on the planet.

Our successful students not only know the content of NLP to a very high level, but they can also present any topic confidently within the ABNLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner syllabus.

Plus, they can not only present it, they can present it in an inspiring way because this training teaches the students how to be an awesome presenter AND gives them sufficient practice time and coaching to install the habits of a great presenter.

Our theme for this training is

Be alive, be inspirational, be YOU!”

Over the period of the course in Thailand, our students develop themselves to align themselves with this theme and the end product is a whole collection of wonderful presenters who are really knowledgeable on their topic.

Only about 25% of people coming on this course actually want to teach NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. The other 75% of those coming attend for a variety of reasons – personal development, credibility to an existing career, learn how to speak to an audience in an inspiring way and some just come because this event IS a life experience.

This NLP Trainer Training is not like others! When Bruce Farrow designed this training back in 2008 he designed it to raise the standards of NLP Trainers. For too long there had been people in this world who had an NLP Trainers certificate yet didn’t understand the content of NLP or could present it effectively or inspiringly.

Hence this NLP Trainer training was born – different from all the others out there in the market, higher standards, additional content, more practice time and a burning desire for students to achieve excellence and not average. There is no question that our training is longer and tougher than our competition and you might think why? It would be much easier (and more profitable) to run a shorter conventional and traditional NLP Trainers training and lower our standards. The simple answer is if you want to achieve excellence as an NLP Trainer, it takes a little longer and a little more effort and a little more practice.

This is not a training for people who just want a certificate to tick a box. This training is for people who have a desire to be the best and are willing to put the effort in to achieve that.

We have designed and developed a bespoke training and placed it in a heavenly environment which gives our students the perfect opportunity to be the very best.

For this NLP Trainer Training your lead trainer will be Bruce Farrow (Certified Master Trainer of NLP – ABNLP).Bruce is one of the most experienced NLP Master Trainers having delivered over 160 NLP Practitioner Courses and 60 Master Practitioner courses and 8 NLP Trainers Trainings (and coached on 6 more) and it is that experience that is so valuable to the students.

Enjoy our website, downlaod the brochure and, please feel free to call us and discuss what makes this NLP Trainer Training the best on the market.


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