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Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer designed the International NLP Trainers Training to raise the standards of the teaching of NLP around the globe. So how does NLP Trainers Training work? The International NLP Trainers Training runs for a duration of 19 days .Those 19 days are made up of 16 training days, and 3 days off. The Evaluation is over an additional period of 6 days. The dates are 4th September—22nd September for NLP Trainers Training AND 23rd September-28th September 2018 for Evaluation.

NLP Trainers Training. Dates are 4th-22nd September, 2018.

Morning sessions from 10am until 12 noon – optional

bruce farrow nlp master trainer of nlp trainers trainingIn these session Certified Trainers of NLP are available to help/coach/listen to you on any topic that you wish to clarify. You can choose to practice your presentations and get quality feedback, practice your demonstrations or just brush up your understanding on something in particular. The choice is yours.

If you are not attending the morning sessions then you will probably be working on your own presentations or revising.
Lunch with your Trainers between 1pm and 2pm. Your lunch is included in the training fee and is normally very substantial!

Afternoon sessions are from 1pm until 8pm with your Master Trainer.

bruce farrow nlp master trainerHere you will learn how to present in the most elegant way and learn how to teach both the unconscious and the conscious minds simultaneously.
There are many different stages to learning this process and you will have the opportunity of practicing each ‘layer’ in front of your group and receiving top quality feedback from an NLP Trainer who will be coaching you. You will be very busy!!

Each group will be between 6 and 7 people and there will be an EXPERIENCED and Certified NLP Trainer per group. So you will get a lot of attention !! Your coaching assistants will continuously assess your progress throughout the training and will always be available to point you in the right direction.

All feedback given is recorded so we can ensure that you continually improve as the training runs.

bruce farrow nlp master trainerThis training is structured in such a way that before you know it you will be presenting confidently and unconsciously. You will become to know who you are – being an awesome presenter is about finding the real you. You will learn how to be inspiring and how to bring your presentations alive.

In addition to the presentation skills trainings you will learn about how to run a training business, how to sell courses, how to do demonstrations that work and most of all, how to make the most of your investment.

NLP Trainers Training Evaluation – 23rd-28th September, 2018.

Day 1

how does NLP trainers training work - marking tests- bruce farrow nlp

Marking the Tests!

The first day of evaluation is a test. Relax! If we are going to certify you as an NLP Trainer we need to know that you know the content of your Practitioner and Master Practitioner Programs.

When you book we will tell you how to revise and what to revise and during the Trainers Training we will give you whatever help is necessary to clarify any grey areas.

Remember we are also offering you the morning sessions on the Training section where you can clarify any grey areas. The test covers every aspect of NLP and is comprehensive and, from past experience, students leave the test KNOWING that they know NLP – it’s a great convincer.
Just so you know—the average mark on the test in previous years was over 93%!

Day 2 & Day 3

how does nlp trainers training work - bruce farrow trainerAssuming you pass the test then, on Day 2 and Day 3 you will present a 30 minute presentation on a traditional NLP topic.

You will have prepared and practiced these during the training and will have been given previous feedback on how to make them even better.

So assuming you have incorporated the feedback this should be straightforward.

Day 4

how does nlp trainers training work - demo dayDay 4 is demonstration day.

Here you will be asked to demonstrate several NLP techniques to the Master Trainer and Trainers. The aim is to ensure you are confident in your ability to demonstrate ANY NLP technique.

You will be given plenty of help during the training with how to do demonstrations that work. In fact we have a day designated to us demonstrating every technique and you practicing the demonstrations during the training.

This is a fun day where students are really looking like NLP Trainers!

Day 5 and Day 6

how does nlp trainers training work -bruce farrow nlp master traienrHere you will be given a topic of our choice to present (1 per day).

You will be allowed 30 minutes preparation time and then you will present that topic for a period of no less than 20 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes.

This ensures that you can present all NLP topics as and when required.

This is different from other NLP Trainers Training!


Evening of Day 6—Graduation Party

how does nlp tt work - gala dinner- bruce farrow nlp master trainerSo you have worked hard, become an awesome Certified Trainer of NLP and the reward for everyone passing evaluation is the award ceremony followed by a Gala Dinner on the lawn next to the beach. THIS is an evening to remember!


You will note the thoroughness of the evaluation and the important thing to remember is that if you follow our instructions, listen to the coaches feedback and incorporate it and are prepared to work hard then you will graduate as an NLP Trainer who is precise and accurate with their knowledge, have the ability to be a magnificent presenter and have the confidence to start training straight away.

Would You Like to See Some Videos of NLP Trainers Training?

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