NLP Trainers Training FAQ

On this page, we look to answer all your frequently asked questions, or FAQs about NLP Trainers Training:

FAQ: “I don’t want to be an NLP Trainer – so why should I come?”

NLP Trainers Training FAQThere are several reasons why you might want to come!

Firstly is the fact that NLP TT is HUGE on personal development and will certainly take you to the next level in your personal growth. You have all heard stories on how people ‘find themselves’ during the training. It is somewhat bizarre that a training that is designed to turn you into an inspirational presenter has the side product of allowing the student the opportunity of finding out who they really are. It is strange but it works!

Secondly on NLP TT, the knowledge that you have in NLP will be totally embedded. It has to run in your veins to teach it, so, it is a great way of totalling installing your knowledge of NLP within yourself.This will be exceptionally useful if you wish to utilise your knowledge of NLP in the future, no matter whether you are a trainer, a therapist, a coach or just have the ambition to constantly develop yourself for the rest of your life.

Thirdly, let’s talk about presentation skills. No matter what you do in life there will be times when the ability to present will determine your success. During the 24 days in Thailand we will take you and develop you into an inspirational presenter – beyond your wildest dreams! Your outcome will be an in built presentation style (which will be unique to you) that will assist you to install your message at the unconscious and conscious level – even if your day to day presentations are nothing to do with NLP! Knowing how to present to a group of people to a level, where the audience says “wow!” is a very cool thing to be able to do and is likely to increase your income levels!

Thirdly, your credibility – no matter what you do at the moment, to be a Certified Trainer of NLP will add to your kudos. Whether you are a coach or a therapist, or in business, you will have a unique selling point.

Fourthly, you might want to consider having the ability to run the occasional NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner course – it could add to your portfolio of income streams.

 FAQ: “It’s quite a lot of money – isn’t there a way of becoming a Trainer of NLP for less cost.”

NLP Trainers Training FAQ - venueThe first thing to recognise is that all NLP Trainers Trainings are different! There are always cheaper options and you do not get OUR NLP Trainers Training which is unique.

There is one provider of an ABNLP NLP Trainers Certificate in the UK – and they charge around £7000 for NLP Trainers Training and Evaluation, about £2000 MORE than us.

The other main provider globally, as you know, is the Tad James Company, who currently charge pretty much the same as we do. Our training is longer than both of these companies because it is different!

More time gives you more results and we want you to be the best that you can be. In addition to the initial outlay, you will be spending a long period of time on this TT so you might want to also consider the day to day living costs of the country where you take the training. This is where you might also want to have a look at exchange rates because, as you are aware, the pound is so weak at the moment, that travel to certain countries is very expensive. Our training is held in an idyllic location and we have agreed excellent rates with the hotel (about £75 per night including breakfast and taxes), we also include lunch in your training fee, so, once you have paid for your hotel you are just looking at the cost of dinner every day – and dinner in Thailand is inexpensive, even in the hotel.

Please note that we close off bookings for NLP TT in the May before the event because we want our students to have sufficient time to prepare for the training of their lifetime. I am aware of other training companies who would take your booking the day before the training – in my opinion their focus is not on getting the best result for the student.

FAQ; “I haven’t got the money at the moment, so I think I will come next year”;

NLP Trainers Training FAQ - Hotel groundsNext year never comes! Once you have decided to do the training then our suggestion is to find the money, somewhere, and get on the wagon. People who have said in the past, I will do it next year, very rarely come! Why waste a year!?

FAQ; “Do I have to pay for everything up front?

In a word, NO! You have to pay for your training up front (see early bird deals). Your hotel bill will need to be settled on departure from the hotel – i.e. end of September. Your flights will need to be paid for when you book them and we quite often book our flights quite late.

FAQ; “Are there any hidden costs?”

The costs for NLP Trainers Training are straightforward. You have to pay for the training, your hotel bill and flights and transfers, and any dinners or drinks or visits to the Barai Spa you wish to consume!

You will also be asked to pay, on graduation, about $350 to join the ABNLP as a Certified Trainer. This is your total liability.

There is one OPTIONAL  thing that you can purchase on TT which you cannot purchase at any other time. This is the disc containing all the manuals and powerpoint slides for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner AND  a lifetime licence to use them. So if you were going to train NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner courses and did not wish to write your own manual or make your own slides then you can purchase this licence and electronic files for about £1800 .

You do NOT have to buy these – it is totally up to you!!

FAQ; “Once I am a NLP Trainer I want to become a TLT, NLP Coach and Hypnosis Trainer. How do I do all that”

OK, let’s deal with the Hypnosis bit first. We are running Hypnosis TT straight after NLP TT in Thailand from the 30th September – 2nd October, 2015. So if you want to do that as well, you are most welcome – it is up to you and will depend on what you want to do with this stuff at the end. Cost is £1500 if you book it late but can be less if you book early. It certifies you to teach Hypnosis Practitioner and Master Practitioner and do Hypnosis weekend events.

If you want to become a TLT trainer you can do this only once you have completed the NLP TT. It is a DVD course with a telephone assessment at the end and can be purchased from the vendor for about $2800AU.(Please note you will initially be qualified to teach TLT Practitioner and have to purchase a further course to upgrade to MP TLT after ONE year of teaching)

If you want to be a trainer of NLP Coach and Master Coach, once again it is a DVD course and costs about $2500Au and can be purchased from Tad James Co. Once again, this can only be done after you complete NLP TT.

FAQ; “I think I might be coming and will probably book at the last minute! Can I do this?”

Whilst we would love to see you, no matter when you book, this is not the best way of coming to NLP TT. We want you to be well prepared and consequently, when you book, we tell you how and what to prepare to make your time in Thailand the most fruitful it can be. Booking early, not only saves you money, and also gives you the opportunity of making September great!

You will have to trust us on this one! People who book early tend to maximise on the experience and people who book late often miss the cut off date AND  pay a lot more!

FAQ; “Am I guaranteed the qualification of Certified Trainer of NLP?”

Our NLP Trainers Training is NOT a turn up and get a certificate event. You HAVE to pass evaluation for us to certify you as an NLP Trainer. To pass evaluation you have to know your stuff AND  be able to present it well. From past experience, all the people who have not made the grade have not put in the necessary work beforehand. Over the past 4 years, over 92% of all people attending NLP TT have qualified.

FAQ; “I did my NLP Training some time ago – I need to refresh before TT”

Once you are booked on NLP TT then you have carte blanche to attend ANY, or as many,of our Practitioner or Master Practitioner courses as a coach, or just to sit at the back and take notes! In addition you will be issued with our latest audio program which will help bring you up to date.

FAQ; “So how much is NLP TT likely to cost me – everything included?”

The NLP TT will cost you anything between £4000 and £5750, depending on when you book.

The hotel for 26 nights (adding on one night each end of the training) will cost you about £2000 including taxes. Included in these figures – you now have lunch and breakfast.

Flight at about £600 from the UK.

Additional dinner costs at around £250. ABNLP membership at about £200. Total comes to around £8000 including food, accommodation, flights and training and certification.

Remember only the training needs to be paid for in advance (and the flight of course, but you can book that late!). If you wanted the licence for the manuals as well then you are looking at £9600 approximately.

FAQ: “I haven’t completed my Master Practitioner course yet , so wouldn’t it be better to wait until that’s complete?”

Absolutely not! If you have decided you are coming to NLP TT then talk to me now. You can start your preparation for NLP TT alongside your Masters studies – and, something to be aware of, there are only 3 topics from MP that I can test you on in Thailand. Most of it is NLP Practitioner materials.

FAQ: “Can I bring my partner or children for some or all of the training?”

The answer is, of course you can!

Students in the past have brought along their partner (and kids) for some or all of the training and they have had a great time! The resort is perfect and makes a great location for a holiday! We would say that your partner will need to be supportive of the fact that you are there for a purpose and need to focus on the training! However, if you are well prepared when you arrive in Thailand, there is no reason why you shouldnt see plenty of your partner and kids during the training.

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