What is NLP Trainers Training?

If you are interested in attending our NLP Trainers Training with Bruce Farrow in Thailand and would like to know more about what it’s all about, read on to find out what you will experience and learn when you attend our course. It is important to note that all NLP Trainers Training courses are NOT the same!

Morning Sessions (optional to the students)

what is nlp trainers training - ABNLPWe offer optional morning sessions for all our students where you can brush up on your skills and knowledge. These sessions include:

  • Opportunities to be coached on any relevant topic.
  • Opportunities to practice  your Presentation skills and run through parts of your prepared presentations
  • Learning how to effectively demonstrate NLP techniques and how to select demonstration subjects to ensure your success

These sessions are designed to be flexible and so, if there are any specific aspects of the training that you would like to be covered during the morning sessions, you will be able to discuss this with one of the coaches.

Afternoon Sessions

During the course of the training, the afternoon sessions will cover the following topics:

  • what is nlp trainers training - students nlp trainersHow to engage and teach both the conscious and unconscious minds of your audience at the same time.
  • The ability to anchor and change the emotional state of  your audience.
  • Understanding and controlling your energy and the energy within the room.
  • How to use nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors for a specific purpose.
  • How to set up and utilise spatial anchors (stage anchors) to enhance your presentations.
  • Expanding vocal flexibility and the effect of vocal anchors.
  • Setting up and the effective use of visual anchors.
  • Voice quality and voice projection exercises.
  • Getting over personal barriers and limitations about presenting.
  • Dispelling the myths of how people think they ought to present.
  • Demonstrations and understanding how to pick your demo subjects.
  • Understanding different learning styles and training styles and how to teach them all.
  • How to build group rapport.
  • The art of co-training.
  • How to design, structure and sequence a training.
  • How to handle objections and those difficult questions that people ask.
  • Demonstrating content whilst teaching it.
  • Behaviourally demonstrating content as you teach it.
  • How to make future subjects easy to teach using pre-teaching.
  • How to structure and give effective feedback.
  • Getting rid of your worst fears before they happen – being ready for anything!
  • Training room design.
  • The Sales & Marketing of a training business
  • Tricks of the trade and trade secrets that will ensure a successful training.

During all exercises you will be assessed and given feedback by a Certified and experienced NLP Trainer. Your progress will be constantly monitored and assessed and at anytime, should you wish to discuss the assessments and/or feedback with a trainer, this will be arranged for you.


what is nlp trainers training - natasha freebornOn completion of the NLP Trainers training you will be eligible to attend the evaluation stage of the course.

You must pass all aspects of the evaluation process if you want to be Certified as an NLP Trainer.

You will be evaluated on your NLP content knowledge, your ability to present NLP topics accurately and your ability to demonstrate any of the techniques applicable to the Practitioner and Master Practitioner program.

The Theme of Our NLP Trainers Training

The theme of our NLP Trainers Training is “Be alive… be inspirational… be you!” 

As well as learning all the technical aspects of delivering presentations, we believe that what makes a truly excellent presenter is one who leaves the audience feeling excited and motivated by what they have seen and heard. Every member of your audience should leave feeling inspired, and this is where many many presenters fall down.

We believe that every single person has the ability to be a truly awesome presenter. Every year during our NLP Trainers Training, we draw on the experiences of previous years, and have put together a series of carefully devised exercises, carried out both in and out of the training room environment, in order to show you how to become a truly authentic and inspirational presenter, discovering skills and abilities that you never knew you had!

Our NLP Trainers Training is more than just a training – it has been described by many past delegates as a life experience.

Click here to discover more about the location and venue.

Outside the Training Room

We hold our NLP Trainers Training in a stunning venue which, we believe, is in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. We encourage students to make the most of the environment, to get out into the local community and experience the lifestyle of the Thai people and of Hua Hin in particular. From past experience, the students who have excelled in the Training itself have embraced the NLP Trainers Training experience as a whole – however, this does mean ensuring you complete all the pre-course work in advance and that you come well prepared and confident of your knowledge of all the NLP topics!

We enjoy time with the delegates outside of the training room too, and frequently meet for dinner and evening entertainment at the local bars and restaurants. Your free time during the mornings, evenings and days off is yours to do with, as you choose. There is no shortage of amazing things to see and do.



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