Why be an NLP Trainer (ABNLP) with Bruce Farrow?

This NLP Trainer Training is hosted by Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer and you probably have two questions – “Why NLP Trainer Training – why should you do it?” and “why should you choose THIS NLP Trainer Training  over others. So lets look at each question and see if we can give you some answers.

Have a look down the following statements and see if any (or all) apply to you

  • Need a career change and want to be an NLP Trainer?
  • You want the ultimate personal development course?
  • You are already a trainer – maybe a corporate trainer and want to transform your trainings?
  • You have got a huge amount out of your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses and want the next step?
  • You require more qualifications to add to your credibility in whatever it is you do?
  • You have reached a point in your life when you desire some career options?
  • You want to see how far you can develop yourself?
  • You have seen awesome presenters and have a desire to be one yourself?
  • You like the idea of becoming an inspiring presenter and to be able to present charismatically, eloquently and to motivate your audience
  • You need a life experience?

You probably have found one or two (if not more) of those statements that fit into your world. If that is the case then you might have answered the question “why NLP Trainers Training” and our NLP TT ticks all of the above boxes!

For a detailed brochure on the course contents click here.

How to Choose Which NLP TT to Attend

So, perhaps you have decided that you want to complete an NLP Trainers Training course and your next decision is where, what and who with.

The first thing to realise is there is a significant difference between courses depending on who you decide to go with.

One of the key issues is certification. In other words is your certificate, on successful completion of your course going to have any value or be of any use.

It is acknowledged in the world of NLP that the only person who is qualified to run an NLP Trainers Training is a qualified Master Trainer of NLP.

Now, to become a Master Trainer of NLP with one of the ‘recognised’ certification boards of NLP takes a lot of work, experience and knowledge – usually over a time frame of 5-7 years and consequently there are not that many of them around the world. There are however, people who try and short cut the process and in order to call themselves a Master Trainer, they set up a ‘spurious’ NLP certification board themselves and then call themselves a Master Trainer of NLP. Needless to say the certificates they give out are of little value.

There are 4 MAJOR NLP certification boards the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), the International NLP Trainer Association (INLPTA), the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP) and the Society of NLP (SNLP). All these boards have been going a very long time and their certificates are recognised around the world. If you look at any trainers training being certified by anything other than the big 4, then look carefully into how long the board has been running and how widely recognised their certificate will be. Remember NLP Trainers Training is a big investment and takes a lot of your time – there are no shortcuts!

Beware of some,”so called” NLP Trainer Training which are run by unqualified trainers and consequently, the certification offered, is not recognised globally, if at all.

bruce farrow trainer of nlp trainer trainingThis NLP Trainers Training is trained by Bruce Farrow who is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP (Certified by the ABNLP) and consequently, the end qualification is recognised by the ABNLP and other certification boards.

The next thing you need to look at is whether the ‘star’ Master Trainer will actually train your whole course. There are some NLP TTs where the star attraction trainer only trains some of the course. Bruce teaches every section of the course.

Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer is focused on precision of teaching and learning within the NLP world.  His students become excellent trainers and teach in the same way.

You obviously want an experienced NLP Master Trainer in charge of your NLP TT and you also want one who has moved with the times and is not delivering what they delivered 20 years ago. A good question to ask is “how many NLP TTs have you run and then to talk to some of their successful students. The 2017 NLP Trainers Training will be our 9th time we have run this event.

When you choose an NLP Trainers Training forget geography! You want the best NLP TT in the world – not the best within 20 miles of where you live! NLP TT is a large investment of time and money so make the most of it!

Remember – NLP Trainer Training should be a life experience – so ensure thats what you are getting!

Finally, lets look at standards. If you are going to stand in front of an audience in the future you might want to be certain of your subject and your abilities. NLP is a vast subject and learning how to present it (utilising NLP) takes practice, coaching and feedback. Make sure any NLP TT you consider gives you, the student, adequate time to become the best you can truly be. There are some courses out there where you are limited on time and consequently you can never become the VERY best that you could be.

Finally, look at the cost of living in the place where you have chosen your NLP Trainers Training. How much will you have to pay for the hotel (what kind of hotel is it?), how much will meals cost you etc. You will be attending your course for a few weeks so these things can add up if the training is placed in a country where living costs are high.


 Why Choose THIS NLP Trainer Training

  •  bruce farrow nlp master trainer of nlp trainers trainingAn experienced NLP Master Trainer (Certified by the ABNLP)
  • Certification for successful students as a Certified Trainer of NLP accredited by the ABNLP
  • ABNLP is one of the largest NLP boards in the world and is globally recognised
  • We have run 7 previous NLP Trainers Trainings
  • Your trainers have trained more than 200 NLP Practitioner courses, 60 Master Practitioner courses – so they have vast experience
  • Bruce Farrow has trained  NLP all over the world – UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia to name but a few
  • This training EASILY exceeds the standards set down for an NLP Trainers Training by the ABNLP.
  • An innovative training – designed to give you the opportunity of becoming an awesome presenter. Includes a lot of new material not offered on other trainings
  • High standards – our students can confidently present EVERY topic in NLP (and practice them) – not just two like other NLP Trainers Trainings.
  • Morning session (optional) for extra coaching for students – run by Certified Trainers of NLP
  • Our coaches have all run their own NLP Practitioner courses – you will not be getting feedback on your presentations on our training from a coach who has never trained.
  • A perfect venue in a 5 star hotel at a reasonable price. You will not find a better venue than ours!
  • A life experience – our training is designed not only to be the highest quality of NLP TT on the planet but also to deliver a life experience – and the venue certainly helps on this score!


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